Five-Minute Marvels: Ditch the cash and simplify with BOPP

Community Involvement School Improvement England
25 October 2021
Friends of Stoughton Infants were tired of the endless paper-trail that came with fundraising. After switching to BOPP, there’s no looking back.

Who are they?

Stoughton Infant and Nursery School in Guildford, Surrey, encourages a positive and nurturing environment for its pupils – and the same goes for its PTA, the Friends of Stoughton Infants. They meet regularly to plan events and fundraisers. We spoke to their terrific Treasurer, Kathryn Shepherd.

What did they do?

We trialled BOPP in September for a large event we hosted to begin our new school year,” says Kathryn. It was such a success so we have continued to use it for our fundraising activities this first half term and it has been so easy!”

We have used it on all of our posters and communications advertising our Year Group Tea Towels, Christmas Cards and Gifts, our upcoming Pumpkin Carving Competition and we have plenty more coming up! We use the QR code on posters and the pay link in our written communications.”

How did it go? 

Feedback from our school community has been so positive, everyone who uses it can’t believe how easy it is!” Kathryn reports. We love how the money literally just goes straight into our bank account which is going to be really important now that our bank has added transaction fees to cash deposits — we need to make sure we don’t lose any funds that should be going straight to our school. Other payment methods such as PayPal incur much higher fees per transaction. We went for the low pay monthly fee which means we don’t get charged on individual transactions which works out much cheaper.”

What’s next?

The team at BOPP have been really helpful when we had any questions or queries regarding using the app, any fixes were promptly made and they really went out of their way to help. I have a fab phone relationship now with the lovely Sunjay who is on hand immediately should I have any questions or problems (but these are not very often now as the app works beautifully!). He called me to let me know some improvements to the next version of the app, which is only going to make things even better!”

No regrets – BOPP is definitely the best move we have made as a PTA.”

With thanks to Kathryn Shepherd of the Friends of Stoughton Infants.