Help us create a safe internet for children

25 October 2021
TrustElevate are currently running trials, exploring children’s digital safety with Highgate Wood School, Cannock Chase High School, and a number of others, and are looking for more parents and children to take part to enhance their child’s digital safety.

The trials take five minutes and are in the form of a short video which instructs you on the few steps to take to enrol your child(ren) on the TrustElevate service. The trials and the service are free for schools, parents and children.

Join the Trial

TrustElevate are creating a leaderboard for schools that participate in the trials and gather feedback, and will run an award ceremony for schools that have the largest cohort of parents and young people involved. If your school is not running the trials, contact us to find out how they can be involved.

TrustElevate is an award-winning, world-leading company run by people with a background in protecting children online and is a Parentkind Approved Supplier. This means the technology has been verified by parents and PTAs as a trusted and comprehensive go-to resource for PTAs.

You can read more about TrustElevate in the latest PTA Expert magazine.

You can also listen to this podcast, which was recorded for head teachers and those responsible for eSafeguarding your children while at school. Register your interest in the trials.