Big Benchmarks with BOPP, the New Way to Pay

29 March 2022
The team at BOPP thought it might be useful to send out some benchmarking information for our PTA community.
As you know, our exclusive partnership with BOPP means that any PTA with a bank account can now accept digital payments from parents really easily. Hundreds of PTAs have already signed up and are using BOPP on a daily basis. 

Here are some interesting facts from the payments made by parents to PTAs so far in 2022:

  • The total number of payments made to PTAs is in the many thousands
  • The highest cumulative total in payments made to one PTA in 2022 so far via BOPP is over £4000
  • The highest single amount paid in one payment was over £100
  • The average transaction amount per payment across all PTAs is £7.48
  • The average number of BOPP payments made to PTAs is approximately 20 payments per month
  • Many PTAs have seen several hundred BOPP payments this year
  • 15% of PTAs using BOPP have already processed over £1000 in income
  • One PTA has received over 180 payments this year
  • Some PTAs are averaging payments of over £50

PTAs have really embraced the ease of using BOPP and it seems to be translating to higher amounts of fundraising.

The team at Parentkind and BOPP would like to thank all the PTAs already using BOPP!