10 Fun Easter Eggtivities

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02 April 2019
Sarah West
Sarah West is the former Marketing Manager at Parentkind. 
With the Easter holidays fast approaching, we’ve put together at a selection of activities to help keep you all busy over the break, whatever the weather!


Egg rolling

Egg rolling, believe it or not, is a traditional game played at this time of year. Start by decorating your hard-boiled eggs (think glitter & paint!) so you know whose is whose. Then find yourself the ideal slope, line em up, and let them go! The winner’s egg goes the furthest (and must be crack free!)


It’s great to get the children involved in growing their own food, and many children love eating their home grown and picked veg. If you have a garden, allotment or even a window box, now is the perfect time of year to start thinking about planting your vegetables! Here’s a handy guide from the RHS on when to plant what! 

Head to the beach 

A trip to the beach is always great for stone and shell collecting (you can save them later for painting – read our blog on that!). And especially for those of you with dogs, take advantage of being able to take them on the beach before many of them are closed to dogs in May.

Bluebell walks and Woodland adventures

What better excuse to head for a woodland adventure than to see the beautiful bluebells which are out in bloom from Mid April – late May. Add to the fun by creating a scavenger hunt – or setting trails with stick arrows for a fun game of hide and seek!


Another wonderful excuse to head out to the countryside is to see all the cute new lambs. Lots of local farms run lambing events which are great for the children to learn all about the animals. And if you’ve missed lambing in your local area, you can still head out for walks to count how many new lambs you can spot!


Baking or cooking

If we aren’t so lucky with the weather this Easter, or you just want to spend some time at home, get baking. Children love to help, with the added bonus that it gets them counting and measuring. Older children could take control of the kitchen and make a family meal — they’ll love serving it up to everyone for dinner!

Local museums & libraries

Take a visit to your local museum or library. They often run Easter activities to keep little ones entertained and can be a great way to spend a wet morning.


The idea of a swimming pool full of kids may fill you with fear, but is a great way to spend some time with the children and to get them active when they (or you) don’t want to be outside running around!

Easter Egg hunt

Why not set up an indoor Easter Egg hunt (which you can always move outside if the sun comes out!) 

Making things!

The holidays are always a great time to get the craft stuff out – be brave and let them loose on the paints, glitter and glue. Another fun Eastery activity is to make cress heads. Start with an empty eggshell (either by blowing out the inside of the egg and carefully removing the top or by using what’s left from your breakfast!) Draw or stick on faces, fill the base with cotton wool and spread carefully with cress seeds. Then watch them grow! You’ll be eating egg and cress sandwiches in 5–7 days.