GoHenry is an easy and fun way to pay your kids pocket money and teach them smart money habits. We're a prepaid debit card and financial education app with unique parental controls for young people aged 6 - 18.


Founded and funded by parents, GoHenry now has over 1.8m customers in the UK, who believe passionately in teaching kids to be smart with money.

The card can be used online, in-store, and at ATMs, so as we move ever closer to a cashless society, it allows kids to experience money in all its different forms.

What’s more, it makes paying regular pocket money simple, cuts down the ‘can I have that’ nag, and helps kids understand the value of money.

  1. Add money to your child’s card and set weekly and one-off spending limits
  2. Add extra pocket money tasks for your child to complete
  3. Decide where it can be used: in stores, online or at ATMs
  4. Receive real-time notifications about how much your child has spent, and where
  5. Instantly block and unblock your child’s card at any time
  6. Set savings goals for your child to work towards
  7. Manage everything online or from the app
  8. Open and manage a Junior ISA from within the app
Kids can also take part in 'Money Missions' - in app interactive lessons designed with teachers and financial education experts. Lessons are tailored to age and feature everything from money basics through to budgeting and even investing.

As PTAs do such fantastic work, Parentkind members can get 2 months FREE GoHenry membership using promo code PARENTKIND at sign up.
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Jo Elson - Parent
Fabulous app. Allows my girl to save & add tasks to earn her pocket money & tick off when completed.

Love the parental access so I can monitor everything & oversee her spending. She loves keeping track of her spends & spending on her own debit card is just a fab experience for her. She really is starting to get to grips with the value of money.

Absolutely brilliant app & a total must for all kids. Far better than a bank card as a parent you get notifications every time they make a transaction & you can alter spending limits.

I would recommend it for every child, gives them a sense of being grown up & how the debit card system works. Will keep using real money to so she can appreciate the best of both worlds.

Caroline Murphy - Parent
It’s a fabulous account with features which help children develop financial literacy and motivates them to save for things. Small amounts apportioned to different saving goals with progress visibly displayed helps children see their progress and delights when they’ve achieved their goals and can purchase the items they’ve saved for.

Because goals and spending are so visible it motivates and encourages a sense of self-accountability. Whilst developing good financial skills, parents can help children keep within agreed spending limits with the use of parental controls so no major spending disasters! Encourages ownership and responsibility of pocket money and savings.

Absolutely fabulous!!

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