One-to-one online maths lessons with qualified specialist tutors. Helping students reach their full academic potential.

Our mission is to match children with the right tutor. When this happens, the results can be remarkable. Confidence grows. Maths is enjoyable. Exams are aced.

Our tutors are all qualified teachers. Connected to the curriculum and trained to teach pupils across all learning styles. Our tuition is delivered online. One of the major benefits of online tuition is getting the best tutor regardless of your location or theirs. Find a small selection of our available tutors on our website.

Lesson prices with TuitionWorks are split into 3 categories. Each has its own hourly rate, which is reflective of:

  • Learning levels covered
  • Tutor experience
  • Tutor expertise

Secure your tutor for the longer term and receive a discount through block bookings with your tutor.

  • 5% off block bookings of 10+ lessons

To find out more about our tutoring service please visit the TuitionWorks website.


“Eliza’s teacher has commented, since doing these lessons with Raj (TuitionWorks tutor), that Eliza has much more confidence in class to get on with her own work. She often puts her hand up to do the answers and isn’t scared of getting the answers wrong.” – Kara, Eliza’s mum,

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