Trust Elevate

TrustElevate is a child age verification and parental consent as a service that enables a safer internet for children.


What is TrustElevate?

At TrustElevate our mission is to make the internet safe for children.

TrustElevate is a tech solution for performing child age and parental responsibility verification. We enable digital platforms that handle children’s data to do so in compliance with regulations so they can serve age-appropriate content, limit sexual contact between children and adults, and respect children’s rights in digital environments.

All data involved in TrustElevate’s verification procedures is encrypted and no personal information is collected or transferred to third-parties. This is a ‘zero data’ model, meaning we hold no personal data, and ‘zero knowledge’, as in we don’t share any personal data with other platforms.


How does it work?

A child registering to use a social media app, for example, provides their first and last name, date of birth and their parent’s mobile number. A parent receives an SMS notification that their child wants to access a specific social media app. A parent can confirm or revoke the request via their mobile operator’s digital portal.

This data is encrypted in transit and checked for a match against authoritative data sources. The purpose is to establish an association between the adult, child and the mobile number provided. This is a one-time check and facilitates the exercising of parental responsibility as one would expect to see in offline contexts.

If those data points provided do not match, it is not possible to create an account. Note that while it is the responsibility of the authorised holder of parental responsibility to either advise the child to provide that adult’s mobile number, and the adult to provide the child’s details, it is also possible for the holder of parental responsibility to initiate the verification process.

  • The core output of TrustElevate’s verification processes is Verified Age (VA). That is, age assurance, i.e. this child falls within a specific age band so that, as per the digital playground’s policies, they are or are not eligible to access an app like TikTok.
  • When a child meets the age-eligibility criteria to access, e.g. TikTok, knowing their age band means that TikTok can determine if the child is or is not eligible to access specific age-gated features, such as direct messaging, which are known to be riskier for younger children.
  • Age-assurance tokens let the platform implement features designed to ensure children's safety, as per the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, which stipulates that age-rated content must be age-gated, and to obtain the consent of verified holder of parental responsibility to process that child's data, as required by the General Data Protection Regulation.

Watch our video or Listen to this podcast on Protecting Children and their Online Data Trials

TrustElevate has participated in the following:
  • Information Commissioner’s Office’s Regulatory Sandbox and the
  • DCMS and Home Office-run Verification of Children Online project
  • Financial Conduct Authority’s regulatory sandbox
  • BT Better World Innovation award
Benefits for schools
  • Safe for students
  • Greater safeguarding capabilities for schools
  • Reduced pressure on teachers dealing with online safety challenges
  • Provision of safety materials, guidance on upholding children’s rights in digital contexts
  • Easily align with the GDPR Principle of Accuracy
  • Schools can access regularly updated contact details of students and parents
  • Enables parental oversight to the level that would be expected in offline contexts
  • Assists in selection and use of EdTech platforms that are compliant with regulation including, but not limited to, the UK Data Protection Act
  • Easy to opt-in: it just takes one minute
Benefits for parents
  • Safer experiences for children online.
  • Child’s personal data is protected and not shared with third-parties.
  • Bolster respect for children's rights. Our technology operates in alignment with the GDPR, which reflects the UN’s modernised Convention 108. The Convention affords protection to every individual regarding their personal data, thereby contributing to respect for their human rights and fundamental freedoms, in particular the right to privacy.
  • TrustElevate massively simplifies the process of opening child bank accounts. There is no need to go in-branch, present a passport or driver’s licence, plus two utility bills, child’s birth certificate or passport for a child and have a bank official judge the likelihood that the adult is in fact the parent of the child. TrustElevate provides a seamless, fast and secure digital onboarding experience. We enable financial literacy and inclusion.


Meral Bence - ICT Governor - Broke Hall Primary School
What TrustElevate has developed is a very easy to use solution to keeping children safe online, it was great to get parents directly involved and hear the feedback was amazing. It is clear that both parents and children got a lot from the session


Parent - Rokesly Junior School
100% behind this: I can’t believe that it’s taken until now for this to come to the table


Parent - Highgate Wood School
Should have come in earlier. Parents have been left in a vacuum

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