Stuck On You

Do you want a sweet fundraiser that won’t rot your teeth? Look no further than Stuck On You!

Stuck On You’s awesome name labels are so versatile and tough, they will stick and stay stuck to practically anything – clothing, shoes, you name it (literally!). We also offer a huge range of other personalised products including drink bottles, hats, bag tags, stationery and label value packs (including specific ones for schoolchildren). Quality is 100% guaranteed to survive even the most, ahem, “high-spirited” of children. 

Why fundraise with Stuck On You?

  • It’s easy to sign up and start earning 20% commission* immediately! Whether it’s to update the computers, get new sports equipment or a perform a building makeover, we’ll help your school get there faster. 
  • It’s simple to promote the fundraiser. No need for awkward doorknocking or cornering your colleagues while they’re warming up their lunches. Simply spread the word through emails and social media and let the orders roll in. We’ll even help you out by providing a range of digital files in your fundraising toolbox for use in the promotion of your fundraiser. These files include posters, flyers, social media images and more! In addition to these files, we are happy to print up to 250 x DL size flyers with your fundraising code on them, free of charge.

    Truly the perfect fundraiser for the introverted, the busy and the slightly lazy! 
  • No need to muck around with fussy paperwork and order distribution. Customers will order online and have their orders shipped directly to their doors. 
  • Fundraise with products that everybody needs. Forget useless plastic knickknacks that gather dust in your garage, or boxes of chocolate-covered raisins that nobody likes. Labelling is an essential aspect of schooling life as it spares busy families the pain of wading through smelly lost property bins or shopping for expensive replacement items.

    Schools also benefit from having more students labelling their goods. Removing the ambiguity of who owns what means that teachers no longer have to waste precious class time refereeing awkward ownership disputes. Labelling also helps stem the overflow of lost property bins. 

  • Fundraise with products that everybody likes. Stuck On You’s talented team of in-house graphic designers have come up with a huge range of gorgeous and fun designs that will please all ages and tastes. 

  • Make money all year round. The need for name labels is perennial. Children grow out of uniforms, fray hats beyond recognition and lose pencil cases all year round. Families may also need to top up their labels for camps, after-school activities, ‘surprise’ dress up days and school holiday programs. 



Our School P&C have encouraged our parents to Shop! Shop! Shop! with Stuck On You. The products that we can order are of high quality and personalised – no more lost Tupperware or jumpers! The delivery is fast – and what makes it even simpler is that it’s delivered directly to the customer, not to the P&C for distribution! For our P&C, fundraising through Stuck on You is a passive year long fundraising program and starting up this fundraiser has been so simple! The paperwork is easy and Stuck on You were happy to provide us with Flyers and Brochures to help promote the program. We added the brochures to the School Information Packs for our new Preschool and Kindergarten families. So Simple. It’s a great fundraising program!
A big thank you to Stuck On You for the easiest fundraiser I have ever been involved in.  My whole job as coordinator involves handing out leaflets (which have been professionally printed and mailed to me free of charge, with the P&F fundraising details already printed on them) and getting the money directly deposited into the P&F bank account.  I don't have to handle any money or hand out products, there are even gifts and seasonal products!  We receive up to 20% of the money back and the fundraiser rolls itself over indefinitely.  I have even had digital copies emailed to me, so I can put them on the school's social media sites and in the newsletter.  The teachers are very appreciative as lost property numbers are dropping.  The products are high quality and stay legible for at least if the students are at the school.  Thanks again, we are customers for life!

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