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Papa John's Pizza offers better pizzas with better ingredients. Taste for yourself with the great PTA discount. Log in to get your unique code and order online now.

Parentkind members! You can get 40% off when you spend £25 or more (excluding drinks and ice cream). All you have to do is log in and your unique discount code will appear at the bottom of this page, enter the code online to redeem the offer.

Papa John’s was founded in the USA in 1984 and there are now more than 350 stores across the UK, each fulfilling John’s ‘Better ingredients. Better pizza’ philosophy. Papa John’s use only 100% fresh dough, giving a better natural flavour and a unique tomato sauce that is made from the best Californian tomatoes, picked and packed from vine to can in just six hours.

Bake a better pizza and the world will beat a path to your door.” That maxim has been at the heart of our thinking at Papa John’s since our founder, John Schnatter, baked his first pizzas for the customers in his father’s tavern in Indiana.

What’s the secret of Papa John’s success? Is it preparing a better dough? Using better ingredients? Employing better people? Being committed to delivering ‘a better pizza experience’? Truth is, it’s all of those elements. And together, they help us continue to make Papa John’s a consistently and reliably ‘Better Pizza’.

We want the whole world to love our pizzas as much as we do. That’s why we’re all about the attention to detail, the focus on quality, the refusal to compromise on delivering the best pizza (and the best pizza experience) that we possibly can. And all around the world, the tens of thousands of great people who work with Papa John’s share that same vision.

How many time can I use this offer?

The offer is open to Parentkind PTA members and can be used as many times as you need until expiry of the offer on 15th January 2019.

Why is Parentkind making a pizza offer available?

We have seen lots of discussion on social media about the different stalls and food offerings that a PTAs have at their fetes and events. Papa John’s wants to support school PTA’s in their fundraising efforts and make an offer available that means you can maximise the benefits (and profits) your PTA can make from selling pizza slices.

What can I order?

The offer applies to pizza orders placed online when you spend £25 or more. Drinks and ice cream are excluded.

What's the best way to order a large amount?

If ordering for an event lasting a few hours such as a Summer Fete stall selling Pizzas slices we suggest ordering batches of pizza as and when you need (minimum order value £25) – bearing in-mind any local delivery times. If your pizzas are needed for an event where everyone eats in one sitting we suggest making one large order.

What are the opening times?

Most stores open for orders at 11:00 and close at 23:00.

My school has a healthy food policy, how should I approach this?

We suggest that you speak to your school if you have any concerns about the types of food you are serving at events. We think that in the main this offer should be used for adult events such as the quiz night and community events. Community events such as the Summer Fete where children are attending parents can make an informed choice about the food their child consumes.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

All quality guarantee complaints should be made via the store – details of which are available on Alternatively you may contact Papa John’s Customer services team here. If you unable to resolve your complaint direct with Papa John’s please contact the Parentkind membership services team who will escalate your complaint on 0300 123 5460 or email

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@hester_mae_ @PapaJohns Hi Hester, sorry about this. Have you tried texting PJSTOP in all capitals to the number?
@tonigeorginax Did you give the team a call to make them aware?
@HighUpOnAHill Which store are you trying to order from?

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