Stikins - Name Labels

Easy school fundraising with Stikins ® name labels; the multipurpose name label for all school uniform and equipment.

Save Time and Smile – and earn up to 30% commission for your school or PTA

STIKINS ® - The Multipurpose Name Label for ALL School Items

Stikins ® name labels simply stick on and stay on; there’s no ironing or sewing required and these multipurpose name labels can be used to label almost anything, including school uniform, P.E. kits, shoes and bags, lunch boxes and water bottles, books and stationery, and personal items that children simply won’t do without.

Successfully tested by an independent laboratory using the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure and fully sun cream resistant, our name labels have been thoroughly tested by tens of thousands of parents who have been ordering Stikins ® year after year since 2004.

FUNDRAISING - One Step Registration for Year Round Fundraising 

Name labels are a necessity for busy parents and schools who don’t have time to deal with lost property. Stikins ® are a brilliant, easy to use solution and our commission scheme means parents AND schools will benefit from every order – with schools earning up to 30% commission on each sale, which can be used to fund all kinds of ongoing projects and plans.

Fundraising with Stikins ® is as easy as using the labels themselves; all you need to do is sign up!

We allocate a unique fundraising number for parents to use, supply free resources (including leaflets, posters, and samples) to help you get the very best results from your fundraising efforts, track your commission earnings, and send your commission out every year in October.

Visit our website to Find Out More or to Register Your School or PTA to start fundraising today.

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L Hartley - Baston CE Primary School, Cambridgeshire

I would definitely recommend Labelplanet and Stikins to other PTAs.  It was very easy to set up the fundraising initially, and free samples and promotional leaflets have been very easy to order.  Our parents love the Stikins product and also love how easy it is to order and how quickly the orders are delivered.   Fundraising with Labelplanet really has been effortless.

J Rosano - Eldwick Primary School, West Yorkshire

Stikins name labels are used by our parents and carers. They are long lasting, versatile and really stand out when we are looking for lost property. The company is very helpful and provide leaflets for our new intake families and even a personalised set of five labels. Commission is good and paid regularly helping our PTA to top up their funds. We recommend our families look at Stikins to help keep track of everything their child brings to school – one red sweatshirt looks very much like another but a Stikin label makes all the difference!

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