At Findmykit we have revolutionised the traditional name tag in to your own unique QR code.


At Findmykit, we have the solution for lost property. The traditional name tag has been transformed into your own unique QR code. Our high-quality products can be made to display yours or a family members name, or completely free of the name entirely.

Previously, with just the name, if your items were lost somewhere out of context to where you would usually have them, having your name on the item is suddenly irrelevant.

When items that have been lost are found with one of our tags, they are then scanned by one of our vetted organisations. You will receive an alert via both email and text message to let you know that your item has been found, all you need to do now is to collect the item, property is no longer lost, just temporarily misplaced.

We also have organisations outside of schools that are able to scan lost items. Including leisure centres, bus companies, rugby & football clubs. You can also nominate any organisations that you think may benefit from the findmykit system on our website.

We offer more than just our high-quality stickers and iron ons, We also have key tags, bag tags, recovery cards (biodegradable of course) and other exciting products on the way.

Cashback We offer a cashback scheme at various levels. For every pack sold to an organisation connected to findmykit will receive a cashback reward.


William Shuster - School Lost Property Manager, Bennett Memorial Diocesan School
Find My Kit have been supplying the school parents with Find My Kit tags for some time. This has proved to be most helpful in the management of lost property within the school.

Since we began to promote Find My Kit to the parents, we have had a marked increase in the amount of property which is properly labelled. This has meant that the amount of property lost on the campus has significantly decreased. Thus, I am spending less time dealing with found items, and less time looking for lost items.

Any items that have been lost on site, I have found to be properly labelled with a Find My Kit Tag. This makes returning the item to the owner much simpler as all I need to do is scan the tag. Another benefit is that the parent gets an email telling them that their child has lost an item, and that I have it in my office. This is quite useful, as parents often have no idea that their child has lost any kit, it is helpful for them to have this information and to know that the School is looking after their child’s property, even if the child is not.

Find My Kits innovation has been most helpful to me in running Lost Property. I can now return tens of thousands of pounds worth of kit, which helps the parents enormously, as school uniform is quite expensive. It helps me properly manage the School Lost Property Office and saves me a great deal of time doing so.

I can recommend this system to any parent.

Carrina Shaill - Rugby Taggers, Brand Developer
At Rugby Taggers, we had kids leaving all kinds of stuff behind after our sessions from clothing to water bottles.

We introduced Find My Kit to the parents and with a quick scan of the QR code, we were able to return all items left behind and eliminate lost property.

If you have a problem with lost property, Find My Kit is definitely for you.

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