Classlist - The UK’s most popular app for school parent-to-parent communication.

Trying to reach the parents with messages about your PTA events and activities? Use Classlist and you’ll be able to send out instant messages to the parents and help to create an inclusive school community that brings everyone together - working parents, new families joining the school, parents who can’t make it to the school gate.

Classlist is an award winning private social network for your school designed to help parents keep on top of school life, and PTAs and reps to do their thing too. Founded in 2013, Classlist is now being used by more than 2000 schools and tens of thousands of parents nationwide.

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Invite parents to join by downloading the app on their phone and ask them to invite their parent friends. Already got class contact lists? You can invite them via email and they will start receiving your announcements to their email box even before they join as members.

Classlist is a one stop site for:

• Parent to parent messaging
• Organising events
• Selling tickets  
• Building a close-knit parent community. 

Plus, Classlist is free and secure and fully GDPR compliant. All users are verified; parent data is never passed to third parties and data is encrypted and stored in highly secure UK data centre facilities. So, it can solve your GDPR worries too when it comes to managing parent contact details.

Once you have your site up and running you can also raise funds via Classlist by introducing local businesses to sponsor your school site. Classlist is free and funded by a few ads on the platform, PTAs that introduce local businesses to advertise on the site share 50% of the revenue. No parent data is shared with advertisers.

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What can I do on Classlist?

Build Class Contact Lists

With your school's own Classlist site, it's easy to create secure online class contact lists for the PTA and the parents to use. 

Parents add and are in control of their own contact details. Everything's secure and all info is data protected 
Class Reps and Ambassadors approve each parent that registers - so no random folk in your community  
PTAs and Reps can communicate with the entire class, year, or school
Parents can use it to post to their class or year group to track down lost jumpers, check the homework and share lifts - or just private message an individual parent about that teenage party.

Event Ticketing and Online Payments

A birthday party, a class coffee morning, a quiz night. Our easy event and ticketing feature has everything parents and PTAs need to organise a get-together.  

Send invites and save-the-dates, receive RSVPs, message those who are coming with more information, chase up those who haven’t responded, print off a spreadsheet for your event to use on the door
Sell tickets online - with the option to sell multiple ticket types for a single event. 

Fundraising and volunteers

Your Classlist community is also an instant fundraising network.

Recruit volunteers to help plan and staff events 
Set up groups to chat online with your PTA team and event working groups
Raise money via Classlist by introducing local businesses to sponsor your school site.

Plus much more… 
Optional school run share map, parents can find others nearby
Listings page where parents can buy and sell items, or seek out services such as babysitters, and you can set up your PTA shop to sell school merchandise or second hand uniform.

Get your school started with Classlist today, it's completely free!

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Josephine Marsh - Head Teacher, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
We are really liking Classlist. It provides a really good forum for our parents to communicate in a safe environment.

It’s different to social media because it’s well controlled: we know who’s on there so it’s a safe environment for parents to share information about the school and their children.
PTA Chair - Ravenscourt Park
One of the great benefits of Classlist for us is being able to communicate directly with all the parents. We previously had to send out emails to all our reps which would then be passed on to parents. It took several days and wasn’t timely and people ended up with a lot of email clutter. Now we can directly communicate with every parent in our school with the touch of a button. It’s been a great benefit.

Another great benefit of Classlist for us has been the ability to reach out to parents before they’ve even joined the school. We’ve had reception parents get onto Classlist before they start the school. It’s given us the ability to be able to arrange picnics for the children, and help them feel really settled before the come in on the first day.

Amanda Moss - PTA Chair, University of Cambridge Primary
We use Classlist to communicate about the events we are organising, get volunteers for events, send out our monthly newsletter. It’s a great way of making sure we’ve got accurate email addresses for everyone and that everyone is getting communications about school life.
Lin Skinner - PSA Sydenham High School
Classlist has been really brilliant for our PSA. We have found it to be so easy for our reps to gather parent’s data and get everybody on and communicating with everybody. Much better than the days when they had to look after everything in spreadsheets and email lists and all sorts of different places. 

It’s also brilliant for central organisation. We’ve already organised a quiz night where people paid for their tickets online. I think it cut my time as treasurer by about 75% probably because I wasn’t chasing after cheques from junior school, cheques from senior school, cheques all over the place. It was really, really great to just have that ‘go on and buy a ticket online’ system. 

It’s been brilliant for organising other events. I even organised my daughter’s 8th birthday party through it and that also saved me lots and lots of time. So, we are really, really liking Classist here.

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