Virtual Balloon Race

Minimum Risk Fundraising Unlimited virtual balloons for £24 – sell the balloons for £3 each (or any price you set). We don’t take a cut from your sales & you choose your start & finish dates. I know it sounds too good to be true but the idea is to spread the word – lots of races @£24.

See demo race at

25/09/2020 – We’re in the process of getting licensed by The Gambling Commission. Whilst we go though the final stages of the process we’ve been asked to pause the software as it is currently operating without a licence. More information can be found on our website. 


Since the COVID-19 lockdown it’s had some massive upgrades and over 50% of the schools & charities that use it come back for more races.

Paypal – We also offer the “Get a Balloon” button where users can buy a balloon, choose the colour & the site automatically adds it. You’ll need to add your Paypal details in the admin area. However – if you sell a balloon for £3 – Paypal takes 39p in charges.

If you don’t have a Paypal account you can sell your balloons in-house and add them 1 at a time manually in your admin area or upload using our CSV templates.

Every race needs to start and finish at 12 midday. If you’re a school here’s a great example letter to help sell more balloons. Most races sell an average of 200 balloons @ £3 each.

As the whole setup only costs £20+vat there’s plenty of profit to be made.


Su Bond
Our balloon race was a huge success and we raised a little over £200 after costs, selling almost £250 balloons. Was a great event!

Thanks so much for your help and support! See you next year!

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