Annual Return 2020

The results of our 2020 Annual Return survey are now available, and despite an incredibly challenging year for schools and PTAs you continue to demonstrate what an amazing difference you make! You've come together to support your school and wider communities in so many imaginative and creative ways.

Take pride in your achievements and share these findings with all your committee members, parents, teachers and the wider school community!



Here are some of the highlights of our survey, but why not download our infographic and share it with your school.


  • Last year, PTAs raised an average of £6,187
  • 19% of PTAs raised £10,000 or more
  • Across all Parentkind membership, the amount raised by PTAs that goes directly into schools is £79.5 million
  • In 2020, PTA committee members volunteered more than 6 and three-quarter hours a week prior to school closures from March – showing an increase on 2019
  • While schools were closed from March to July, this went down to less than 2 hours a week, when many traditional events weren’t able to take place
  • Since September 2020, PTA members have volunteered, on average, more than 4 and a half hours a week
  • Across all Parentkind PTA members, this adds up to an estimated 2.05 million committee volunteer hours in 2020 worth over £17.8 million a year
  • The most common events were uniform sales and food sales such as cakes and ice creams
  • 69% of you see your main role as raising funds or other resources for your school
  • 57% of you see your secondary role as holding events that support the school community - something we’ve seen so many of you continue to do during lockdown
  • 88% if you rated your Parentkind membership as good or excellent.

Impact of Coronavirus:

  • You estimate to have lost, on average, £5,870 in income between March and December 2020 due to school closures and coronavirus restrictions
  • Across all our PTA membership, the estimated lost income by PTAs as a result of the pandemic is more than £75 million.
We are committed to supporting you to continue with your fabulous work, and help spread the news of the value of PTAs and all you can, and do, achieve, including during this year's PTA Week, which took place in June.  

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