School attendance poll 2022

Parentkind undertook a short poll to capture parents' views on some of the proposals outlined in the Department for Education's consultation on improving consistency of support for school attendance.

Key findings

Parents in general are broadly in agreement that schools should have an attendance policy (71% agree), but parents of SEN children have a lot more mixed (44% agree)
Parents generally favour of the rules constituting authorised and unauthorised absence being the same across all school
Strong opposition to parents being fined for unauthorised absence (73% disagree), particularly amongst SEN (91% disagree)
Around half of parents in general support the idea of schools following the same penalty structure for unauthorised absences, but only 20% of SEN parents agree, likely indicating a preference for schools to have flexibility for individual circumstances
When it comes to parents whose children have experienced barriers to attending school, around 50% of parents in general felt that the school was supportive in the situation. However, this drops to 28% amongst SEN parents


Parentkind’s Attendance poll was carried out online between 11th February and 22nd February 2022, with recruitment through social media and via partner organisations. 362 parents across England, Wales and Northern Ireland responded, of which 182 were parents of children with special needs. 

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