Arrangements for Public Exams 2022 - January 2022

Following on from DfE/Ofqual’s confirmation of arrangements for public exams in summer 2022, we put out a short poll to gauge parent feedback to the announcement. 

Key findings

  • 53% of parents said they were fairly confident public exams would go ahead as planned for 2022 with 15% very confident.  21% said they weren’t very confident and 6% not at all confident.
  • When asked whether they would prefer exams to go ahead as planned or teacher assessed grades as in 2021, 76% of parents would prefer the latter, compared with 20% of parents preferring public exams for 2022. 
  • Regarding the advance information about the content of the exams to support revision, 23% of parents felt publishing this in early February would give teachers and students enough time to adapt their plans for learning and revision – 71% disagreed.  
  • 39% of parents said they were satisfied with how their child’s school has kept them informed of their preparations in case teacher assessed grades (TAGs) were used again in 2022, with 26% of parents dissatisfied.   
  • 30% of parents said they agree that the decision to set the grade distribution partway between the 2019 and 2021 results is a fair decision to the students sitting exams this year whilst 55% of parents disagree. 
  • Finally, with the pandemic raising questions about the way children are assessed using GSCE, AS and A level exams, parents were asked if it would be a good idea to change how children’s performance is assessed in the future.  86% of parents said yes, it would be a good idea, 9% said no it wouldn’t.

A short poll to parents in England promoted via social media was live between the 20th January and 3rd February 2022. 102 parents completed the survey – 43% had a child in Y13 and 32% a child in Y11.

Read the results here

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