Parents, have your say on changes to Ofsted's school inspections

Did you know that schools inspectorate Ofsted is changing the way it inspects schools in England from September 2019?

Ofsted is currently inviting comments on the changes it proposes, and it's important that parents are among those having a say. After all, parents are the major stakeholder in education, and Ofsted has to be able to meet parents' needs and expectations so they have confidence in the inspection results and find the reports informative when choosing a potential school. 

Have your say

The Ofsted consultation is long and detailed, so parents may not wish to complete it individually. However, if you still want to contribute your thoughts, then you can do so through our survey. 

Have your say: take our quick survey for parents.

Once enough parents have taken the survey, we will use the collected answers in our response to Ofsted, to ensure that parent voice is heard on these important changes.Our survey will be open until mid-March. Please share with any friends or colleagues who may wish to contribute their views. 

Need more information?

Parents are also encouraged to have their say directly in the consultation that Ofsted is running until April 5th. See below for more support and resources to clarify exactly what Ofsted wants to know, as well as reasons why this matters to parents.

A how-to guide for parents - give your views to Ofsted

Guidance for parents on what the Ofsted consultation is asking

Ofsted's Sean Harford explains what's changing and why they want to hear from parents

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