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Practical help is often needed in schools, and your skills, or even just your presence, is very much appreciated. There are so many reasons to volunteer, not only do you support the school, but volunteering provides the opportunity to develop your skills and experience too (as well as the feel-good factor of giving something back!)

You can listen to reading, help out on trips or offer sports coaching. What about joining a termly maintenance work party, or providing the muscle to start a project like a garden or nature reserve?

Here are just a few more ways you could provide support at your school. If you can spare a little time, whether on a regular basis or just for one-off projects, why not offer your time to the school? Not only will the school benefit, but you'll also be doing something that enhances school life for the children.
  • Support children with reading or maths
  • Set up library or reading groups. Here's an example of one programme called Chatterbooks that works in schools
  • Work on ad hoc projects like garden work, maintenance etc...
  • Share your skills and interests – eg. creativity/ photography/ sports/dance
  • Provide careers advice/ support – sharing your experiences
  • Help out at events (including PTA events like school disco, film nights, fairs)
  • With the support of the school, set up after school clubs or wraparound care. Here's an example of an organisation that would support this - Fit for Sport
  • Support the school with wider fundraising – for example grant applications etc…
  • Set up a 'Walk to school' programme to encourage more children (and parents) to walk whenever possible. Read about Living Streets' Walk Once a Week incentive scheme


Reviewed: January 2018

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