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Ask the expert: frontline working parents

Parents working in the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic have been hurled into an unimaginable world. For many, their job now fills them with the fear of catching and/or bringing home coronavirus, and for some of those parents, they cannot help but bring home mentally, the devastation they have left behind, particularly those working in ICU and covid wards.

We asked Professor Chérie Armour what frontline working parents can do to help un-blur the lines between worried/exhausted parent, and fun/caring/loving/teaching parent, and how to look after their own psychological wellbeing.

We know time is not a luxury you have right now, but we urge you to pour yourself a cuppa, find a quiet corner and listen to this guidance from Chérie on how you can support your psychological wellbeing at this stressful time.
On behalf of everyone at Parentkind, we would like to thank you for the service and care you are providing to our communities. You really are heroes!

Chérie Armour is a Professor of Psychological Trauma and Mental Health in the School of Psychology at Queens University Belfast and Director of the Stress Trauma and Related Conditions (STARC) Research Lab.

professor cherie armour

Professor Armour has published extensively in the field of Psychotraumatology and Mental Health. She has a particular interest in occupational groups that are at increased risk of experiencing trauma and traumatic stress outcomes due to their occupational roles, for example, military, police, and emergency service workers; such as those in the fire and ambulance services. Chérie has also published on the nosology, comorbidity, and longitudinal course of disorders such as PTSD, dissociation, anxiety, and depression.

Reviewed: May 2020

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