Five reasons to set up a Parent Council

We believe there are so many positive reasons for setting up a parent council and we have some great case studies that demonstrate how they can make a real difference for the school, pupils and parents.

Our top five reasons for schools are:

  1. Demonstrate to Ofsted that there is an effective mechanism in place for listening and responding to parent views
  2. Ease the transition of implementing new school policies
  3. Promote the school to the wider community
  4. Parents are more likely to support the school if they feel valued
  5. Build positive home school relationships increase attainment and performance

Our top five reasons for parents and pupils are:

  1. Give parents a voice in decisions which affect them
  2. Ensure that school policies take account of the needs of local parents and children
  3. Make the school inclusive by involving parents from different parts of the school community
  4. Build good relationships between home and school
  5. Work with parents and the school to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people

There are lots of ways to involve parents in their children’s education and in school life such as:

  • Helping out in class or schools trips
  • Running or helping with an after-school club
  • Attending curriculum events
  • Reading with children
  • Joining the PTA
  • Fundraising
  • Becoming a governor
  • Joining in class assemblies
  • Organising or attending social events
  • Helping maintain the school garden
  • Helping with activities

An effective parent council helps your school meet the needs of all families in the community. All school communities are different. By listening to your parents and responding to what they say, school decisions will be more effective and you will help to build stronger home school partnerships to get the best outcomes for your students.

Reviewed: September 2018

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