Parent Council meetings

This section looks at the nitty gritty of running effective meetings, from being representative to some suggested agenda items. Everyone’s time is precious so it is important to ensure that meetings are well run and result in positive steps forward.

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Suggested agenda items

As most things that happen within a school impact upon parents and children, a wide range of topics may appear on agenda.
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News, views and FAQs

Can any parent attend a Parent Council meeting?

Yes, any parent can come along as an observer. It is good practice to make the agenda available in advance (for example on the parent council section of the school website) so that all parents know what's being discussed and have the opportunity to share their views. If parents who aren't members would like to attend ask them to let you know beforehand. More about Parent Council meetings.

How can we make sure our Parent Council represents the school community as a whole?

Review your members. Do you have representatives from different geographical areas, different year groups and any specific groups of parents such as parents of special needs children, single parents, fathers, parents whose first language is not English, traveller families?

If any key groups are not represented make a direct approach to invite someone to join. More about being representative.

We know that everyone is very busy, so to ensure the time you spend togethe...
Parents have a right to be consulted about any area of school policy that a...

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