Talking topics

It is likely that a wide range of issues will be brought to the Parent Council. Some issues can be dealt with quite quickly and just require a response from the school. Others are more complex and will require consultation and consideration of different viewpoints.

In this section we examine a number of topics that may be brought up with suggestions as to how to address them. These issues all affect parents one way or another and so it is important that they are consulted. By involving the Parent Council in discussions, the school will be able to take account of parents’ views when making decisions, and this is likely to have a positive impact on parents and the school.

Focus on

Home School Communication

Home-school communication is one of the biggest challenges for both parents and schools, but when it works well, it can have a really positive impact. Find out more
News, views and FAQs

What topics should we discuss at the meeting?

Encourage Parent Council members to consult with other parents about the topic areas they'd like to discuss. The school leadership team and governors will also have key areas they'd like parent feedback on to add to the agenda. Take a look at the talking topics in this section for more ideas.

Any proposal to convert to an Academy or to change the Multi Academy Trust ...
Many parents would  like to have a say about which after school activi...
Bullying is often raised as a topic for discussion at Parent Council meetin...
Parents may raise questions about break times as they are a bit of 'unknown...

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