How to involve parents

All schools have a duty to take account of the views of parents. However while our 2017 research shows that an overwhelming 84% of parents would like schools to consult them on a regular basis, many are unsure how they can get involved, and likewise, involving parents remains a struggle for many schools.

A parent body such as a Parent Council opens the door for more parents to get involved. This section explores how schools can remove barriers and the different routes for listening to parents.

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Why is it so important to listen to parent voice?

Schools are inspected and measured on how they listen to parents in the judgement on leadership and management. Furthermore, studies show that raising children's achievement is dependent on parents' engagement in their child's learning and their involvement in school life.

In short, children do better when their parents are involved in their education.

Why a Parent Council?

Parent voice is about the school listening to parents' views on issues that affect them and taking account of those views in school decision making. A Parent Council is a democratic mechanism that enables:

  • Parents to meet, together with school staff, to share ideas and feedback to the school.
  • Schools to understand parents' perspectives.
  • Schools to include parents' needs and ideas in decision-making.
  • Development of an effective partnership between parents and school.
  • A direct link for parents with the school's governing body.

Partnerships in practice

A concerted effort amongst the whole school community has paid off for Our Lady’s Girls' Primary School in Belfast. Teacher Diane Boyle tells us how “Having engaged parents helps you appreciate what you can achieve. It’s all the extras you put in that can make a difference.” Read how they brought parents on board in our Parentkind success story.

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