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Christmas games

Christmas games posters

Download these fun and festive games, which include a sign and accompanying images to print and display at your fair.

Drop the coin on Rudolph's nose:
Fill a big tub with water and drop a laminated picture of Rudolph in the bottom. Land a 50p on his nose to win, an easy money spinner.

Pin the carrot on the snowman:
Just like pin the tail on the donkey! Rudolph, and other Christmas characters are fun to use and prove very popular, we've created a snowman version to download below.

Rudolph's magic carrots:
All that’s needed for this one is a bunch of carrots, a coloured pen (permanent marker works best), a tray of sand and some cheap prizes. Mark some of the carrots with a colour on the tip, then bury the coloured end in the sand and people can pay to find a winner (the ones with coloured tips).

Download the games you want, then use Adobe Acrobat to open the pdf and print for your event. For more Christmas fair planning and preparation see our A-Z of Christmas themes, activities and stall ideas or our information sheet on running a successful fair here.

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