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Christmas bingo!

christmas bingo

Bingo is one of those easy games that everyone knows, so we’ve given it a Christmas makeover with ten unique cards for you to download and print. If you’ve got lots of friends and family coming over, why not play in teams?

You know how it works, the ‘caller’ picks Christmassy items from a hat one by one, and the first player to match five in a row (or another pattern) on their bingo card wins a prize. If you struggle to get older kids to join in, chuck in some prizes they won’t be able to resist, like a ‘get out of doing the washing up’ voucher!

You'll need to:

  • Print out the caller sheet and bingo cards
  • Cut out all the items from the caller's sheet
  • Put the items in a hat or tub that the caller can draw from
  • Find a few prizes (spare christmas crackers or forfeits work well)

Download now

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