Year 6 leavers’ ideas from Facebook


We love to hear about the fabulous events you run, and your events for year 6 leavers’ seem to be no exception! Here is a list of the best ideas gathered from our Facebook page PTA Expert by Parentkind, to inspire you with marking your little one’s big moment with a true celebration...

Casual BBQ on the school field
“We hold a massive BBQ, with sausages, burgers and salads for all the family to enjoy. We then host a game of rounders, with the classes being split into teams or we do a children vs teacher’s game! To finish the day we always have a massive water fight…the kids have so much fun!”

Hire inflatables 
“We book a bouncy castle and an inflatable assault course, and just hold a big party with food and drinks for all the family. One year we hired an inflatable laser quest game, and asked parents for a donation, which was also great!”  

Trampoline and pizza party 
“We hire out the local trampoline park and order in loads of pizza – the kids love it!”

Film and pizza evening 
“Whilst waiting for everyone to arrive, we take pictures in a photo booth, then watch half of a movie, break for an interval and pizza, then give the kids popcorn and juice for the second half! We get the kids to bring pillows/cushions to snuggle on. Whilst they are watching the film, we upload the photos and print them out ready to go home with the kids later!”

Sleepover at school 
“We order in pizza, and set up nail painting and games, then put on a film. Our children also receive a certificate and we put together a DVD of all the photos from reception to year 6, which everyone finds so sweet.”

Race Night 
“Every year we hire a photo booth and karaoke machine, and then host a race night in the school hall for the children and their families. We put on a buffet and everyone has a really fun evening.”

Silent disco on the school field
“We book a silent disco in the school field, and set up a tent with pizza and hotdogs. We provide the kids with glitter cheeks and temporary tattoos.”

Roller disco
“We host a roller disco in the school gym, with burgers for the kids afterwards. Everyone really enjoys it, and it’s not too hard to organise.” 

A themed disco 
“Each year at our school, the year 6 parents have to organise the leavers disco and choose a theme. This year, it was ‘Hollywood glam’ and they all had to come dressed up as a famous person. We had a Mocktail bar and big cut outs of movie stars and a red carpet. We charged £5 per child and did hot dogs; and had a bit balloon drop and a DJ. One of the parents did the photography, so it kept the cost down.” 

James Bond Night (or another theme) 
“We have a James Bond themed party. We have a 'Guess the Toddler' competition so all the kids bring in a photo from when they were little. There is a Mocktail bar, served by some dads in black tie, pizzas, a disco, a photo booth and games. We then give them ice cream with self-serve sprinkles etc., and then at the end of the evening every child is given a helium balloon to release.” 

3 course meal and disco 

“We provide a 3 course meal with welcome drinks, photography, awards ceremony and disco after. The head and all year 6 teachers and TAs are invited and sit down to eat with the children and join in disco. Parents of lower years volunteer and we do all the serving. The children really enjoy dressing up a bit and the fanciness of it all.” 

A music festival 
“Forget Glastonbury, our year 6’s have their own music festival with a pyramid stage, photo booth and chill out marquees. Kids and adults loved it!” 

Many of you also organise year 6 leavers’ gifts! Hoodies, tea-towels and yearbooks appear to be the most popular options, but we’d love to hear from you about any other creative ideas you’ve had? 


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