The Mother of all fears?


We recently asked parents what school-related issues concerned them the most. The overall results show that "protecting my child from bullying and cyber-bullying" topped the list, closely followed by "my child's emotional health and wellbeing". Here's what else you told us...

Issues that parents are extremely concerned about:

Parents also told us what they are extremely concerned about, differing slightly from the overall results:

  • Right values 45%
  • Bullying 44%
  • Cyber-bullying 41%
  • Quality of education 40%
  • Emotional health 40%
  • Skills for the workplace 35%
  • Physical health and fitness 25%
  • Parental engagement 19%
  • Good quality sex education 12%

PTAs - why not talk with your school about taking some action to address these concerns? What about working together to bring in experts to run workshops for parents or pupils?

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