Be a good example this Road Safety Week


20-26 November is Road Safety Week 2017.

Poor road safety and dangerous parking cause problems for many schools and parents around the country, with serious incidents making headlines for all the wrong reasons:

September 2017, Surrey: Parent ploughs into teacher in school run road rage. Credit: Police video

road rage surrey school

What can parents do to set a positive example to children and help make the roads around schools safer?

Road safety is something that affects the whole community. There are many different projects parents could set up and run in partnership with the school:

  1. Get the kids involved – ask them to design posters and flyers to put up around the school and send home to parents.
  2. Make a Parents' Pledge – ask parents to sign a Pledge that sets out a few simple rules for parking around school e.g. not on the zig zags, not on yellow lines etc.
  3. Encourage more parents and children to walk to school – see our information on starting an active school run initiative.
  4. Send regular reminders – ask for a reminder from the school, parents and the kids to be published on the school website and in newsletters.
  5. Home/School agreement – ask the school to include safe parking in the home/school agreement.
  6. Arrange for a Road Safety Officer from the local authority to run a family workshop – this could be an after-school or weekend event organised by the PTA.

And of course, parents can work together with schools and other community groups to encourage safe behaviour on the roads, and reinforce road safety lessons being taught at school by setting a good example at home.

For information about keeping children safe on the road go to the Think! website.

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