School Governors needed in Northern Ireland


The Department of Education (DE) and the Education Authority (EA) have just launched a recruitment drive for school governors across Northern Ireland. This is part of the reconstitution process of Boards of Governors which occurs every four years. 

We know from many of our PTA members that sitting on their school Board of Governors is the next step for them; through the PTA they have a glimpse into the working of the school and a greater understanding of the role they could play as a governor. Is it your time to take this step? Being a governor gives you the opportunity to put your personal skills plus those you acquired on the PTA to great use for the benefit of the school.

What is a school governor?

Every school in Northern Ireland that is funded by the government is managed by a Board of Governors, comprising parents, teachers, the owners/former owners of the schools and the wider community. While parent and teacher governors are elected by their peers, the DE and EA, in addition, directly appoint governors to a wide range of schools.

A Board of Governors plays a pivotal role in making sure their school provides its pupils with a good education. To achieve this, Governors will:

  • work closely with the school Principal and senior staff to set the plans and policies of the school
    appoint school staff
  • manage the school’s budget
  • set and monitor standards within the school.

Why be a school governor?

Volunteering as a school governor offers the opportunity to make a contribution to the education and future prospects of our children and young people. 

Neville Armstrong, Vice Chair of Kesh Primary School told us, "Over the past 22 years I have served as a BOG for both a primary and post-primary school, currently sitting at the VC on the primary board. It is hugely rewarding role, often with challenges: but on the whole, being involved in helping the school strive for and maintain educational excellence, remain sustainable and have a happy and healthy workforce who work in partnership with parents and the community leads to optimum educational outcomes and experience for every child. Being a governor gives you the opportunity to make this difference."

Volunteering as a governor is:

  • an opportunity to share your skills and experiences. Governors come from lots of different backgrounds, providing many ways to help their school.
  • a way to give back. Your time and input is of benefit to others
  • a chance to grow. You’ll learn a range of new, transferable skills that may help you in other walks of life.

Apply to be a school governor

To find out more information about the role and how to apply, please visit:, or contact the School Governance Team by e-mail at or by telephone on 028 9127 9404 or 028 9127 9901.

Your school needs you, your children need you. Apply today!

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