Parents, primary assessment may be changing - have your say on shaping it


The way in which your child is tested during their primary school education may be changing. If you want to help shape future policy, then you have an opportunity to have a say.

The government is currently gathering views on primary assessment in England, share your views.

When is the last chance for me to have a say?

The consultation closes at 5pm on 22nd June 2017.

Who can fill in the feedback?

Anyone can respond, but parents are strongly placed to have a view on the education of their child and provide government with considered insight and feedback.

What do I need to know about this consultation?

We appreciate that parents are busy people, so we've summarised for you what primary assessment in England is all about.

What is the government trying to find out?

The government want the responses of the consultation to provide them with a better understanding of how to measure the progress of children at school as well as the impact that teaching has on children’s learning.

What may change?

The government may move to scrap Key Stage 1 SATs and replace them with an assessment during early years, probably towards the end of Reception year. The reason for that is to use early testing as a baseline, rather than at the current tests in Year Two which come at the end of several years of formal teaching. Instead, an assessment will be made during Reception, and then again at the end of Key Stage 2 in Year Six, which will remain in place. That way teacher’s impact on the child’s learning from beginning to the end of primary school can be assessed. There may be some testing in the interim period to ensure children's learning is on track. The government is also wanting to take another look at the methodology behind how we test children to see if there are better ways that can be used to assess our children’s progress.

What if I can't answer some of the questions?

We have been through the consultation and believe that it could be more accessibly worded. Our guidance on SATs and the Department for Education’s information on primary assessment may offer you further background information to help you to complete the questionnaire. If you are still unable to finish it, we suggest explaining this in the free text fields and giving as much detailed feedback as you can, before submitting the form.

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