Parents' chance to have a say on the future of Ofsted inspections


Today (16th January 2019), schools inspectorate Ofsted has opened its public consultation on how it will evaluate maintained schools in England in the future. This is a valuable opportunity for parents to tell the inspectorate how they would like their child’s school to be judged. The new framework is expected to come into play from September.

Parentkind will respond to Ofsted’s consultation, which is open until 5th April, but we will also be providing resources in the near future for parents who wish to individually respond. Our piece on why new Ofsted inspections must value the role and needs of parents is a summary of some of the issues parents may wish to consider. 

What do parents currently think of Ofsted?

Last year, when we asked parents to select the criteria for a successful school in our Annual Parent Survey 2018, only 24% of respondents chose being rated good or outstanding by school inspectors as part of their top three. In separate research, only 24% said that Ofsted’s inspection report was important to them when choosing a school place for their child, though 60% told us that they value having an independent body assessing how well their child’s school is performing.

Responding to the consultation

We will provide further support to parents wishing to give their views to Ofsted, but for more background information, see Tes and Schools Week for summaries of the consultation.

For parents who respond to Ofsted, if you would like to share your answers with us, please email [email protected], and we may adopt them as part of our own response. 

Take Ofsted's Education Inspection Framework consultation. 

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