Parentkind on judging panel for RCSLT's Voice Box joke-telling competition


Hundreds of primary school pupils from across Wales shared their funniest joke as part of this year's Voice Box contest. The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) showcased the best of Wales' young comedy talent at its Voice Box joke telling competition for primary school-aged children on 3rd April 2019 at the Pierhead Building in Cardiff Bay.

Parentkind was delighted to team up with them to form the judging panel, along with NAHT Cymru. The annual contest reminds people that all children need support to be confident with their communication skills and some need specialist help to speak and/or understand what is being said to them.

More than 700 schoolchildren between the ages of five and 11 years old took part, and ten primary and special school pupils were selected to compete in the final.

The winning joke 

The winner, Leo, from Llangors Church in Wales School in Brecon impressed the judges with his joke:

An inflatable boy went to an inflatable school with an inflatable headmaster. One day the inflatable boy went running around the whole school with a drawing pin going 'phst, phst, phst' and popping everything he could find. The inflatable headmaster called the inflatable boy to the office and said: "I'm very disappointed in you. You've let me down; you've let yourself down and you've let the whole school down."

All the reaction

Parentkind's Tracey Handley, who took her seat on the judging panel, said, "All of the contestants were fantastic and delivered their jokes really well. There had obviously been a lot of practicing taking place both at home and school and I’m sure it was a lot of fun for the pupils and their families to work on this together. It was a pleasure for us at Parentkind to take part and lend our support to the Voice Box Cymru competition."

Dr Alison Stroud, Head of Wales for the RCSLT, said: "Congratulations to all of the finalists, who did a brilliant job at telling their jokes and certainly made us laugh. It was a tough decision, as everyone was fantastic, but Leo really demonstrated how important good communication skills are and we would like to thank all of the schools who participated in this year’s Voice Box contest." 

Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams AM, who gave a short keynote at the competition, commented: "All children need help to develop their skills to communicate, not only at home, but at school and when enjoying activities. Supporting children to develop their speech and language skills helps them to become more receptive to learning, handle social situations and can result in better behaviour. It was fantastic to meet this year’s Voice Box finalists and I’m sure we have some future comedians in our midst."

Deputy Presiding Officer, Ann Jones AM, who presented each finalist with their Voice Box prize added: "It was a pleasure to meet the young Voice Box finalists and celebrate with them. How we communicate is so important. It shapes how we share our stories and the work that speech and language therapists do here in Wales in making such a positive difference to children and young people. They might just be our future business leaders, politicians or academics."


Bailey from Ysgol Y Deri Special School in Penarth was a runner-up with his joke:

  • Why did Tigger go to the toilet? He was looking for Pooh.

Other popular jokes on the day included:

  • What wobbles in the sky? A jellycopter.
  • Why did the picture go to jail? Because it was framed.

Which one do you like best?

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