Parentkind has ten new associate trainers


Parentkind is excited to announce we have ten brand new associate trainers for our 2021 training workshops. 

Through a rigorous process we have recruited a wealth of educational knowledge and expertise to guarantee that you receive a professional and interactive training programme. This will help build the skills your school needs to support successful parental engagement. 

Our new trainers range from former head teachers and Ofsted inspectors, to parental engagement champions and education consultants. They all bring their own experiences and qualifications to the workshops, which will help individual school needs. 

The network of associate trainers are from all over England, which means they understand the challenges faced by schools in different regions, and can address the ways in which your school can engage with parents.

Meet our associate trainers 

Joy Cooper
Joy is a parent, teacher and early years specialist, with over ten years experience in senior leadership roles in schools with diverse catchment areas. As well as being an experienced Primary teacher, Early Years specialist, school governor and senior leader, she currently works for local government running courses on topics such as ‘Family Learning’, ‘classroom helpers’ and ‘mid-day supervisors.’

Kim Balmer 
Kim was a primary school teacher before focusing her attention on overcoming engagement barriers within vulnerable groups. She regularly delivers training and workshops covering conflict resolution and community cohesion.

Lisa McLeod 
Lisa is a former teacher and mentor, who has a strong desire to inspire, motivate and enable children and adults to achieve their best. She is a parent herself, with experience as vice chair and member of several PTAs.

Selina Rice
Selina is a children services practitioner and senior manager with over twenty years’ experience in leading and managing services with and for children, young people and families. She also supports a number of charities concerning staff development, financial sustainability and collaborative working.

Anne-Marie Stenson
Anne-Marie is an experienced educator, trainer and coach with over 25 years’ experience of working with children, young people and adults to help them be the best they can be. She has raised four children, and is a strong advocate for parental engagement.

Malcolm Goddard 

Malcolm has worked as a headteacher, consultant headteacher and a school improvement adviser for a local authority supporting schools in difficulty. He is now an Engagement Champion in a local primary school, alongside providing a range of consultancy support to schools.

Martin Gregory 
Martin has over 30 years’ experience of working in schools nationwide. Having worked as a teacher, headteacher, school adviser and trainer, Martin now runs his own consultancy business, supporting schools to ensure that all pupils reach their full potential. 

Michelle Ashley
Michelle has spent the last 25 years working in the education sector in both training and pastoral roles. She is now a working as a Personal Development and Welfare Consultant to a number of schools working directly with children, parents and staff.

Tracey Ahern-Hailstone 
Tracey was a headteacher before becoming an Independent Educational consultant, specialising in improving outcomes for all. She regularly works with senior leadership teams, governors and parents, coaching and advising them about leadership.

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