Parentkind Pledge at the Senedd, Cardiff Bay


On the 18th April 2018, Parentkind held an event at the Senedd, Cardiff Bay. We met politicians and other education stakeholders in Wales to talk to them about the importance of parents in education and invite them to sign the Parentkind Pledge.

What is the Parentkind pledge?

Assembly Members (AMs) showed their support by agreeing: 

"I consider the active participation of parents an essential ingredient in the success of our children’s education and I commit to supporting education policy that brings homes and schools together for the good of all children and society, where more parents are engaged in their child’s education in more ways."

What did the event involve?

We heard passionate words about the importance of parental engagement in education from:

  • Kirsty Williams AM - Cabinet Secretary for Education in Wales
  • Vikki Howells AM - Cynon Valley
  • Michelle Doyle-Wildman - Acting CEO, Parentkind
  • Tracey Handley – Parentkind Programmes Manager, Wales
  • Rebecca Davies - PTFA Chair, Ysgol Y Cribarth

21 Assembly Members attended and signed the pledge. We spoke to them about the benefits of parental involvement in a child’s learning and how they can support their constituents to get more involved with their child’s school life.

Thanks to Vikki Howells AM

Our event in the Senedd would not have been possible without the sponsorship of Vikki Howells AM, and we would like to extend our appreciation to her and her office for their time and continued support.

On the previous day, Vikki Howells AM referenced our event in Plenary, telling Assembly members that the Cabinet Secretary would be speaking there on the importance of the parental role in education. Kirsty Williams AM responded, saying:

"…what we know is that, after the quality of teaching, parental engagement in their child’s education is the second biggest factor that reflects outcomes. So we need fantastic teachers in front of our children but we also need really supportive parents, grandparents and communities behind those children if they are going to make the best of their educational opportunities."

You can see the Plenary meeting from 3:03:40.

Why did we hold the event in Wales?

We are reaching out to politicians and education policy influencers at these and other events to achieve our Parentkind aims in "Championing the role of parents in education and their importance in education policy". To ensure support for our members and parents at national and local level we held events in Westminster in March, and Cardiff in April with a further event in Northern Ireland taking place soon.

We want consideration for parents, and 'parent voice' to be higher up the agenda in education, at school level and government level, moving towards a culture where the benefits of parent-friendly schools are accepted as the norm within the education landscape.

Who has signed the Parentkind Pledge?

See the gallery and list below of AMs who took part.

  • Alun Davies AM Blaenau Gwent
  • Bethan Sayed AM South Wales West
  • Darren Millar AM Clwyd West
  • David J Rowlands AM South Wales East
  • David Melding AM South Wales Central
  • David Rees AM Aberavon
  • Dawn Bowden AM Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney
  • Hefin David AM Caerphilly
  • Huw Irranca-Davies AM Ogmore
  • Jack Sargeant AM Alyn and Deeside
  • Janet Finch-Saunders AM Aberconwy
  • John Griffiths AM Newport East
  • Julie Morgan AM Cardiff North
  • Kirsty Williams AM Brecon and Radnorshire
  • Mandy Jones AM North Wales
  • Mick Antoniw AM Pontypridd
  • Mike Hedges AM Swansea East
  • Nick Ramsay AM Monmouth
  • Rebecca Evans AM Gower
  • Suzy Davies AM South Wales West
  • Vikki Howells AM Cynon Valley

Our Westminster event was also well-attended, and the #ParentkindPledge was signed by many MPs based in England.

Why not get in touch with your local representative and see what they are actively doing to support parental involvement in education? If you’re on Twitter, search for or use the hashtag #ParentkindPledge.

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