PTA UK and Parent Councils UK join forces to promote parental engagement in schools


PTA UK and Parent Councils UK are joining forces to support, engage and champion parent participation in schools and education.

Emma Williams, Executive Director of PTA UK said: “The research is unequivocal - parental involvement in their child’s education improves outcomes. Parents are key partners and are also an important resource for schools. The critical role that mums, dads and carers play in supporting their child’s learning needs to be better understood and taken more seriously by the Government, by schools and by parents themselves”.

Fiona Carnie, Director of Parent Councils UK adds: “Parents must be better informed and supported in their role. Teachers must be trained to work collaboratively with parents. And schools must listen to parents and do all they can to include them and build participation”.

Parents and teachers already welcome the advice and support given by PTA UK and Parent Councils UK. For over 60 years we have been supporting, engaging and championing parent involvement in schools for the benefit of all children. The two organisations are committed to helping parents be more confident and have a say in school decision-making. We are also seeking to help schools and academy trusts to have better and more sustainable policies and practices to support parental engagement.

PTA UK and Parent Councils UK will work together to:

  • Advocate for a Parent Council or Parent Association in every school to ensure that parents have meaningful involvement and engagement in school policies and activities
  • Provide best practice guidance, training and peer to peer support for Parent Councils and Parent Associations
  • Design a framework to support a parent body in every school
  • Engage policy makers to ensure that parents are included in educational decision-making at both local and national levels
  • Provide more opportunities for parents to have a say in school life
  • Be the go-to organisations for policy makers and the media on parent views on education.

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