Member Survey results - the impact of parent groups


The results of our Member Survey 2016 are in, and they demonstrate what an amazing force for good you are in schools throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The findings, taken from over 1,000 groups, show the real benefits of having parents actively engaged in their child's education.

We are very proud of the results, and confident that you will be, too.


These key highlights show what you do, how you operate and your key achievements for schools.

  • You raised £99 million which went directly to improving schools
  • You accumulated 3 million volunteer hours worth £20 million to schools (based on minimum wage)
  • That's an average of £7,373 per school
  • You support 3.9 million children's education
  • Our member associations can now be found in 50% of all schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Why not download our infographic? It explains what PTAs are, what they do, and why they matter. It shows all of the key findings from our member survey. You can share it with your volunteers and others at school, include it in your newsletter or post it online.


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