Fond Farewells: Ideas for School Leavers


If you are still planning what you are going to do for school leavers here are a few ideas to get you started. Whether it's the move from primary to secondary, or from secondary into the adult world leaving school is a significant time for children. If discussion on our Facebook page is anything go by, many PTAs are keen to mark this occasion by organising events or funding souvenirs.

Take a trip

Theme parks are good for thrill­ seekers. Or try an assault course, paintballing or zip-wire challenge for a memorable day. Alternatively, organise a camping trip for the year group; keep it local and simple - pitch some tents, have a barbecue and get a campfire going. If you are low on volunteers and funds arrange a potluck picnic in the local park, where everyone brings a dish. If you're brave, hand out the water pistols. And take lots of photos to share around.


Ideal keepsakes remind kids of their school days, have universal appeal, but can be customised. Hoodies emblazoned with the leaving year are popular. Offer a choice of colours and let pupils add a nickname or favourite phrase. Or design a t-shirt and let the pupils sign them on the last day. Keep it educational with a dictionary: of course the children will personalise them by writing messages inside the covers! Pens, calculators, memory sticks and wristbands with the school logo are other options.

Party time

Proms can be full-on glitzy affairs, with red carpet-style glad rags, mocktails, limos and late-night dancing. To dial it down, introduce a theme to encourage creativity, rather than cash splashing: 'Film Noir' might keep it classy or 'Beach Party' could inject summer fun. Award prizes for customised charity shop outfits.

Picture this

Pull together photos and footage from school activities and PTA events and ask the parents and students to email in their own. You could also interview pupils in small groups about their favourite things and their ambitions. Hire a photo booth and dress-up box for a school leaver event and include the evidence. The images and comments from the interviews could be used to make a photo yearbook, or you could put together a film with stills and video. Show it in a school assembly and make it available to anyone who wants it.


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