Five reasons why small charities ROCK


Parentkind members are part of a network of almost 14,000 small charities that work tirelessly to improve the educational outcomes of our children. They raise £99 million for schools each year* and, if that’s not impressive enough, they volunteer a total of three million hours!

We're highlighting the amazing contribution that PTAs make to schools across the UK.

This is why we think PTAs ROCK:

1. They bring the community together

Every time a PTA holds an event or meeting, it builds relationships with everyone in the school community, giving them a chance to come together for a great cause – including family, friends, local businesses and more.

2. They highlight issues that matter locally

PTAs improve the school environment for everyone; whether that’s purchasing new books, funding a support worker, buying iPads, or a new roof, it makes a difference to the whole school community. People love to see how their support has made an impact so if you’re part of a PTA don't forget to share your success!

3. They inspire others

By doing something they care about, PTAs help others to understand how much support a school needs and how easy it is to help give it, inspiring other parents to get involved. No matter how much or how little they are able to give, everyone can make a difference.

4. They are excellent role models

Being a part of a PTA not only improves your children's school but makes you an excellent role model. Research tells us that when children see you involved in their education, it encourages them to do their best. It could even encourage children to volunteer too.

5. They bring new opportunities

Volunteering is great for you, and PTAs offer a chance for everyone to get involved whatever their background or talents. And as well as being enjoyable and sociable, volunteering lets you gain new experiences. You might even end up learning new skills.

If education is important to you, why not find out what your local PTA is up to and support a small charity today? You could:

  • Volunteer your time, whatever skills you have, e.g. help at an event or design a flyer
  • Nominate a PTA for funding at your local supermarket or bank – many have community schemes
  • Ask your employer to donate raffle prizes, offer sponsorship, or provide match funding
  • Advertise/share their events with the community
  • Work for local news? Cover a story for your local PTA and raise awareness
  • Attend a PTA event.

Help celebrate and share using hashtags #ILoveSmallCharities and #SmallCharityWeek
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*Annual member survey

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