Doorstep questions parents can ask canvassing candidates



In the run-up to the General Election on 8th June, there will be knocks on doors across the length and breadth of the country. Direct contact with the electorate at home remains a favoured way for political parties to persuade voters to pledge their support.

You may have your own questions to put to canvassers, but we have a few ideas on what you can ask about education. 

Questions to ask

  1. A recent survey of parents by PTA UK showed that only 25% say that they feel listened to by government when it comes to their children’s education. What will your party do to increase this number?
  2. How will you ensure parents can have a greater say in, and be more involved in their child's education at home and in school? 
  3. Bullying and cyber-bullying top parental concerns. What plans do your party have to combat the issue and improve mental health in our young?
  4. With school uniform, childcare and school trips to pay for, as well as requests by schools for voluntary contributions, there are good reasons for parents to be concerned by the rising costs of educating their child. In light of the school funding crisis, how will your party's school funding policy take the increased financial burden off parents?

Tell us what they say!

Let’s keep the conversation going after the door closes! Share with us the questions you asked and the responses you received. Drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or email After the General Election, we’ll provide a summary of your feedback on our website and share it with the main political parties to get the word out about the concerns parents have around their child’s education.