Calling parents of state school children!


Is your child in a primary or secondary state school? 

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) need your help to understand if, how and when you ever think about the performance of your child’s school and how well their school is managing its money. 
The research team from The ESFA will be conducting research into how schools can be more transparent on what they’re spending and how parents might be interested in this information. They are looking for parents with children in primary or secondary education at a maintained school or academy trust school to volunteer to help inform our user research on the idea of a potential publicly available measure of schools’ financial health. This research is important in helping to understand whether there is a public need for school’s financial information to be made public.

The ESFA We will be carrying out individual 45 minute phone interviews between 21 Feb – 16 March. If you are interested in taking part in any research interviews please contact the User Researcher Kate Schreiber  by email at: Any information shared during these interviews will be anonymised and used for research purposes only.

When emailing to take part, could you please let us know include the following information which will help us to make sure we they get the views of people with children from various stages of education:

  • What stage of education is your child/ children e.g. primary, secondary, sixth form
  • What area of the UK do you live in e.g. name of Local Authority
  • Name of school (optional) 

The research is being carried out by The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) on behalf of the Department for Education. The ESFA is an executive agency sponsored by the Department for Education and is accountable for the funding of the education and training sector, providing assurance that public funds are properly spent.
Please do get in touch with Kate at to get involved in the research and schedule time for an interview.

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