Be fundraising aware at your summer fair!


Your summer fair can be a great source of funding for your parent association.

We’re not just talking about the money earned from the stalls or activities on the day. Your event is the perfect opportunity to engage with parents about your fundraising activities and even use easyfundraising to raise money from the supplies you buy for the day.

To help make your fair a fundraising success, we asked easyfundraising for six top tips. To take full advantage of this advice, sign up to easyfundraising now!

1. Set up an easyfundraising stall

Have a laptop and tablet on hand to show parents how easy it is to raise for your PTA as they shop online AT NO EXTRA COST. The two devices will help in demonstrating the app and the donation reminder and will make it possible to sign up parents as supporters on the day! Worth having a few handouts on the table too in case they want to sign up at a later time – here are some posters and flyers to help.


2. Give parents an incentive to sign up in support on the day

If you set up a stall why not add in a bottle of wine or gift voucher to offer as a prize draw for all supporters who sign up on the day. Remember that anyone can support (not just parents!) Have your prize at the stall to create a buzz and incentive to sign up.


3. Catch them as they arrive

At some fairs attendees pay an entry fee, which is a great opportunity to get supporters as they come in. Have your easyfundraising stall here, giving you the chance to speak to everyone as they arrive and sign them up or send them on their way with a flyer – meaning more supporters from the day!


4. Raise funds from your easyfundraising stall

There are some easyfundraising retailers who can help you in creating an attractive stall too! How about getting an easyfundraising roller banner made for displaying on the day? Vistaprint give a 5% donation on the print of one of these, and they have a range of discounts on offer.


5. Buy your food supplies for the day

You’ll need no end of fizzy drinks, tea and coffee, maybe some barbecue food and other snacks for the day. By purchasing these online through easyfundraising you can collect free donations for your PTA from the likes of Sainsbury’s (£1.50) , Waitrose (up to £5) and Asda (up to £4).


6. Raise on prizes and crafts for the day too

Running a tombola? Need to create a few posters or dress up the stalls? There’s a host of retailers that give donations when you buy toys and games or craft supplies, including Argos (3.5% donation), Toys R Us (1.5% donation) and Hobbycraft (up to a 5% donation).

If you are looking for more advice on how to make the most of easyfundraising, why not book a coaching call with easyfundraising’s success team?

To find out more about organising your fair, check out our resources:

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