What do PTAs spend their funds on?

Caroline Capon
20 September 2017
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At the start of the new school year, PTAs often start raising funds for a new project, but deciding what's needed isn't always straight forward. We asked PTA UK Membership Services Administrator Caroline Capon...

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Helping children develop emotional literacy

Sue Atkins
15 September 2017
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There has been much talk and research around emotional intelligence and emotional literacy that suggests they lead to better health, higher academic achievement and stronger relationships. I believe the skills of emotional intelligence are learned - and parents are the best people to teach them to their children.

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Leaving the PTA (and learning to let go)

Shula Farnie
14 September 2017
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For me, leaving the PTA committee was like leaving my job. I'd invested a great deal of time in my role as Chair and there was now
a void to fill.

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Time for schools to knock down their walls

Fiona Carnie
13 September 2017
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There are lots of reasons why schools are struggling at the moment and shrinking budgets - set to decrease even further - is just one of them.

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School refusal - the impact on families and how to help

Lou Fenlon
07 September 2017
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School refusal is an anxiety disorder related to separation anxiety where children refuse to attend school because doing so causes uncomfortable feelings, stress, anxiety, or panic. It usually has a debilitating impact on a young person and their families, and can contribute to a deep sense of isolation.

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