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National PTA Week 2022
by Jeremy Miles MS
24 June 2022

By Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles

I am delighted to support National PTA Week, celebrating the contributions that you as PTAs make every year to our school commun...
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How to crack your comms with a PTA Generic Email Address
17 May 2022

Ever wondered if there’s a way to streamline your communications, help you manage incoming emails, and make it super easy to handover to new committee members? That’s where a Ge...
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Primary school offers - have you missed out?
26 April 2022

Being offered a place at a school you don’t like can be heartbreaking.

It is hard enough parting with your four-year-old at the school gates for the first time – but th...
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How can parents help their children cope with exam pressure and achieve their potential – while also protecting their mental health?
25 April 2022
Exams are often a source of stress for young people. And after two years of academic disruption due to the pandemic, many will be experiencing them for the first time this summer. So how can parents h...
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