Everything you need to know about AGMs

Our good practice guide gives you all the information you need to organise and run a successful annual general meeting (AGM), including how to call an AGM, what the agenda and reports should include, how to make sure you get good attendance, and what should happen during and after the meeting.

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a yearly meeting for all members of the association, where elections take place and the year’s events are reported on. It’s an opportunity for the committee to show that it’s accountable for the decisions taken and that the committee members have acted in the best interests of the association. The AGM should be held every year and no more than 15 months should pass between successive AGMs.

Our good practice guidance for AGMs is based on the Parentkind model constitution. If you haven’t adopted our model constitution, we recommend you check the details of your constitution as some aspects, such as the number of days’ notice required for a general meeting, may be different.

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