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To be able to confidently make decisions about your child's education and support them at school, it helps if you're familiar with the key stages or levels, the curriculum, assessments and therefore what's expected of your child.

These useful guides explain the UK education system, schools and education policy.

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About schools

A look at the different types of state schools including adacemies, free schools and grammar schools. Find out more
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Exams and assessments

Love them or loathe them, tests are part of school life. These are the different tests and exams they may take. Find out more
News, views and FAQs

In the news: New Education Secretary, Damian Hinds reveals his policies

'Grammar school expansion and faith school reforms: Damian Hinds sets out his stall'. Read the Tes article here.

Parents' view: What Parents think of Ofsted

Towards the end of last year we were invited by the National Audit Office invited to share our thoughts on Ofsted's inspection of schools to inform their value for money study. Owing to the tight timescales involved, we invited parents to share their views by completing a survey we promoted online in December.

We have responded to the National Audit Office on two specific questions from their study. Our response took into account the findings from our survey alongside the results of three other surveys that we had previously conducted and we have suggested that a more extensive study of parents views' into Ofsted would be helpful. Read our response here.


Where can I find out what my child is learning at school?

If your child attends a state school in England they will be taught following the National Curriculum. Our guide to the curriculum and key stages give an overview of what is taught, when.

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