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A strong connection between school and home helps children get the best out of their school life.

Find out how to work with the school if you have concerns; your rights and responsibilities as a parent or carer; tips and advice for choosing and preparing your child for primary school and transition to secondary school.

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Secondary school

Is your child ready to move up to secondary school? Get ready for all the new challenges that brings for your child and you. Find out more
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Safety and wellbeing

Support and advice to help your child be the best version of themselves. Find out more
News, views and FAQs

Do your kids use Facebook messenger kids?

A coalition of more than 100 public health advocates, led by Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has called on Facebook to pull the plug on the app. Read more.

Mental health provision in schools

The Education Committee met recently to talk about mental health provision in schools. Here's our roundup of what they discussed.

Northern Ireland Department of Education urges parents to give their kids 'a helping hand'

“Education opens up a world of opportunities for children and young people and parental involvement and encouragement plays an essential part, from the very early years through to the vital exam stages." More about the new advertising campaign.

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