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Preparing for primary school

Starting primary school is a big milestone for you and your child; it brings about a lot of changes in both your lives. And while some children can hardly wait to start, others find it difficult being away from their parents. Here's lots of information and practical advice to get you off to a happy start and help you support your child during the first few weeks of school.

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Preparing your child for primary school

Equip your child with practical skills that will help them look forward to school. Find out more
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Moving up to secondary

Is your child ready to move up to secondary school? Get ready for all the new challenges that brings for your child and you. Find out more
News, views and FAQs

What does my child need to be able to do before they start in Reception?

Equipping your kids with some practical skills will help them feel happy and confident about starting primary school. Here are our suggestions for the practical, educational, social and emotional skills you could work to help them feel ready for school.

What if my child doesn't like school?

Tears aren't uncommon when children start school. Don't be alarmed if they carry on into the first term, our blog 'When first day tears last all term' offers advice and shared experience.

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