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Information about the different exams and assessments in UK education from primary assessments through to A-levels.

Find out how and when children are tested and what the scores and grades mean.

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What are SATs in English education? What and when your child will be tested on. Find out more
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Progress 8 and Attainment 8

New measures of pupils progress pupils at secondary school and how well a school is doing compared to other schools. Find out more
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How are my child's 'attainment 8' scores worked out?

All pupils are placed in prior attainment groups based on the results of their KS2 tests, which are taken at the end of their primary school education. How much progress they make in secondary school can then be fairly compared and contrasted against other students within the same prior attainment category, both in their school and in other schools. In this way, a child’s progress in monitored in comparison to others of broadly the same academic ability. Read more.

What tests will my child have to take at the end of KS1?

KS1 SATs include:
English reading Paper 1: combined reading prompt and answer booklet (approximately 30 mins)
English reading Paper 2: reading booklet and reading answer booklet (approximately 40 mins)
Mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic (20 mins)
Mathematics Paper 2: reasoning (35 mins)

The English grammar, punctuation and spelling tests are optional.

More about SATs.

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