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Curriculum, key stages and levels

State schools in England must teach a range of subjects in line with the National Curriculum, which covers learning for all children aged 5-16 years.
The National Curriculum in England is broken into four Key Stages. Children are tested at the end of each Key Stage on the targets set in the
National Curriculum.

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What are the key stages?

The National Curriculum in England is set into four ‘key stages’ taking them from age five to sixteen. Find out more
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The National Curriculum

What it is, why it was introduced, which schools must follow it and what your child will learn. Find out more
News, views and FAQs

Article: Why does the National Curriculum disappear when a pupil reaches sixth form?

'The lack of curriculum at sixth form doesn't empower students, it prevents them from developing a fully liberal education' Kevin Stannard writes for Tes

In the news: Key Stage 4 performance measures

Schools Week reports: The number of schools below the floor standard has increased by 83, or 29 per cent according to revised GCSE data released by the Department for Education today.

Are SATS linked to the National Curriculum?

Yes, in England SATs (Standardised Assessment Tasks) are taken at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2. Read our guide to SATs.

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The National Curriculum in England is split into four 'key stages'; into wh...
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