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Choosing a school

What makes a great school? How do you find a state primary or secondary school where your child will thrive?

Tips on what to look for and ask at open days, how and when to apply for your child's place and what to consider when comparing schools.

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Choosing a primary school

Where to look, what to ask and consider to find the right school for your child. Find out more
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Choosing a senior school

How to make the most of open days and what to look out for at secondary schools. Find out more
News, views and FAQs

How is a schools performance measured?

Schools in England are inspected and graded by Ofsted, and in Wales by Estyn. We explain what inspectors look for, how schools are graded and what the grades mean in Understanding Education. Check school websites for their latest inspection report.

Parents' view: What Parents think of Ofsted

Towards the end of last year the National Audit Office invited Parentkind (formerly PTA UK) to share its thoughts on Ofsted's inspection of schools to inform their value for money study. Owing to the tight timescales involved, we invited parents to share their views by completing a survey we promoted online in December.

We have responded to the National Audit Office on two specific questions from their study. Our response took into account the findings from our survey alongside the results of three other surveys that we had previously conducted and we have suggested that a more extensive study of parents views' into Ofsted would be helpful. Read our response here.


Where can I find a list of schools in my area?

You can search government websites for schools in England, Northern Ireland and Wales using your postcode.

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